Welcome to your weekly Secret Trainers’ Business Training Tips!

Theme: “Preparing for the Workshop”.

STB Training Tip: Not all training rooms are the same. If you can, visit the venue prior to the day to make sure it has all the equipment you need, and that the layout suits what you are doing. If you can’t get access to the room, you must have a very clear and detailed conversation with the organiser/co-ordinator as to what you need.

Why use this tip?

  1. If you are organising this through a third party (training manager, venue co-ordinator) they may have different ideas about what you mean. At one event I requested a ‘flip chart’. When I arrived the flip chart paper was there – but no stand! I was politely reminded that I didn’t ask for a stand!
  2. Outside of the training world not many people understand the difference between “cabaret style” (table groups of 4 or more) and “classroom style” (typically single tables or rows of tables with only one or two people at each). Or they may assume that you are giving a lecture because every other trainer they’ve had previously has done it that way!
  3. Provided the room is not being used prior to your workshop, visiting prior will also allow you to start setting up – putting up your displays, setting up your tables with props, paper etc. This will save you time on the day.
  4. You don’t want to be (unpleasantly!) surprised on the day by missing equipment.

Remember: Creating engaging learning spaces is a vital part of the learning process.

Hope your week is full of engagement!