I went to an interesting seminar sometime back about the impact of creating a culture of coaching within organisations. The main message was that the key business drivers – employee motivation and retention, productivity, leadership, customer satisfaction and ultimately profits – are all impacted by whether or not an organisation values and supports coaching as a key business practice.

The challenge for many organisations, I feel, is to really understand what coaching is about, and maybe the easiest way to get a handle on this concept of coaching is to look at what it’s NOT.

Coaching is NOT:

  • a conversation that happens once or twice a year at performance review time.
  • about telling people how to do their job better.
  • a tool to use only in times of dispute and mediation.

Coaching IS:

  • an ongoing dialogue, that may or may not be scheduled at regular times for a particular duration.
  • about empowering people to find ways to become more efficient, effective and to realise their greatest potential.
  • a toolkit of strategies to use to develop individuals and ultimately drive the business.

It is recognised that the coaching culture needs to start at the top to become firmly entrenched as part of the organisation’s culture. Executive and senior leadership staff need to be seen to embrace, support and develop coaching as a part of their key skill set, and to model and communicate these skills and behaviours daily.

The best way to plant the seeds of a coaching culture is to coach the coaches first. This way, the strategies of the coaching toolkit can be experienced first hand, and then modelled with guidance before launching solo.

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