Well, the feline contingent continues to dominate our household! I recently read a quote which I am only now beginning to appreciate – dogs have owners, cats have staff. And boy do they have us doing whatever they need us to do!

I have plenty more management tips I’m learning from the furballs, so here they are! Enjoy!

1. Surprise and delight people It seems this is a good ploy to build a loyal following – who eagerly await your next surprise!

2. Be prepared to be picked up and moved Just when you are at your most comfortable – and it only ever happens then – someone will come in, pick you up, shake you around and move you to somewhere else! Handle this graciously. The next place will become your next most comfortable place to be!

3. If someone feels the need to make you look good – let them! The kittens will often clean and groom each other. While I can only think about how annoying it would be to have someone lick your face while you sleep, they take it all in their stride and allow it to happen with grace and good humour. And they never forget to return the favour!

4. Act like you own the place Eventually you’ll have everyone fooled, and they’ll start treating you as if you do!

5. If you fall off your perch while trying to be cool, act like it was meant to happen One of the funniest things I saw was one of the kittens perched precariously on their cat perch, fast asleep. The deeper she slept, the more she slipped off the edge of the perch. Of course eventually, she slipped off entirely and landed with a thud on the floor. While I was rolling on the floor laughing (yes, instead of rescuing her!), the kitten shot me a look of disdain and curled up and went back to sleep in exactly the spot she had fallen. Like it was meant to happen!