If you want real engagement, buy in and commitment to a task, ask others to help with the solution. If you want to change minds, and not just behaviours, you need to create moments of insight. 

The Science Behind This… 

Brain research shows us that at a moment of insight, a complex set of new connections is being created.

When we are engaged in the problem solving process we build new neural pathways and our commitment to see things through is stronger than if we are just told what to do.

These connections have the potential to enhance our mental resources and overcome the brain’s resistance to change. We need to make a deliberate effort to hardwire an insight by paying it repeated attention.

What can I do to create moments of insight? 

1. Resist the urge to give answers or solve problems.

2. Ask questions to lead the other person to their solution.

3. Look for opportunities to coach, not teach.

4. Encourage creative thinking.

5. Create an environment where failure is celebrated as a learning opportunity – ask “What did you learn from that?

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