Autonomy is the sense of having some control over our environment and having choices. Generally, the more in control we feel, the more comfortable we are. When we feel we have no control or choices about what happens to us, we become stressed. If we are stressed, we are incapable of thinking clearly and functioning effectively. 

The Science Behind This… 

Studies have shown that when people perceive they have no choices or control triggers a strong threat response in our brain.

A well known study of nursing homes revealed that residents who were given more control over their decisions lived longer and healthier lives than those who had everything decided for them.

What can I do to give my people a sense of control or autonomy? 

1. Allow them to make some choices

2. Present them with options

3. Enable them to organise their own work, set their own work hours

4. Involve them in decision making

5. Don’t micromanage them

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